627th Hospital Center

About us


The 627th Hospital Center prepares for expeditionary deployment in order to provide Medical Mission Command and Army Health System (AHS) capabilities (Role III, PM, OPTO, MEDLOG, FST, VET) in support of Unified Land Operations.


The 627th HC is a cohesive, disciplined, and ready team of teams capable of thriving in a complex environment while simultaneously providing world class expeditionary Medical Mission Command and Army health system (Role III, PM, OPTO, MEDLOG, FST, VET) to the best war fighters in the world. The unit is resourced, trained, and sustains T-level proficiency to create ready and resilient Army health systems capabilities for world wide deployment.


627th HC Emblem

The maroon and white are the traditional colors of the Army Medical Department. White signifies the purity of the unit’s intentions and commitment to save lives. Purple suggests creativity, wisdom, dignity, peace, and good judgement. The Spartan sword is a symbol of battle. Spartans were known for their prestigious military fighting force. The olive and mint herbs were commonly used by these ancient Greeks for medicinal purposes and signified the personnel responsible for medical care in their professional Army. The sword and serpent united allude to the Staff of Asclepius, a Greed God of medicine. The heraldic dancette refers to the mountains of Fort Carson, Colorado. The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam, symbolizing the unit’s participation during the Vietnam Conflict, in which the unit received a Meritorious Unit Citation. The Red Cross denotes the unit’s mission in medical care, aid and health. The motto in Latin “Servire et Cura Conservat” translates to “To Serve by Preserve and Care”

Unit History

First activated on November 15, 1965 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas as the Headquarters, 627th Hospital Center. The unit was moved to Camp Zama, Japan in 1966 where it assumed command and control of four large hospitals, a medical laboratory, a medical depot, and a ground and air ambulance units. The 627th Hospital Center had a combined strength of almost 4,000 personnel in support of operations in the Republic of Vietnam. The 627th Hospital Center developed a centralized funding system that permitted better standardization of equipment, reducing maintenance, minimizing repair parts inventories, and equipping the hospitals at minimum cost. The 627th Hospital Center was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation on 11 August 1970 for our actions in Camp Zama. On October 13, 1971 the Headquarters 627th Hospital Center was inactivated in Japan. The 627th Hospital Center was reactivated as the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 627th Hospital Center on June 16, 2017 in Fort Carson, Colorado.