627th Hospital Center


The Army Professional Filler System (PROFIS) is a program that fills deploying units with needed personnel to complete the mission.

The regulation

AR 601-142 is the regulation that provides guidelines to identify, qualify, train and implement assignment procedures for Active Army Medical Department personnel in rounding out Active Army units using the Professional Filler System, or PROFIS, during military operations with or without mobilization authority.


The objective of PROFIS is to resource MTOE units to their required level of organization of identified AMEDD personnel, in accordance with Army Mobilization, Operations, Planning and Execution System (AMOPES).

Upon Selection:

Once you are approved to fill a PROFIS position, by the Hospital Commander, Your Consultant, or other MEDCOM staff, you will be notified by the PROFIS Manager. The newly assigned PROFIS Soldier will remain PROFIS until PCS, ETS or you are determined non-deployable. Just because you are in a PROFIS position does not mean you will automatically deploy. It all depends if your unit is selected to deploy and your PROFIS slot was one of the ones tasked. If you are selected to deploy, the S3 Office of the Hospital will notify you, and ask that you come to the office for a personal briefing on your deployment.

  1. All deploying Soldiers will SRP within 30 days prior to their date of deployment.
  2. All deploying Soldiers will receive an OER or NCOER prior to deployment.
  3. All Soldiers will hand carry, unless other arrangements are made, their deployment packet to their PROFIS unit.
  4. All deploying PROFIS are issued TCS orders.
  5. Soldiers will out-process the Hospital when they deploy and in-process when they re-deploy.
  6. Enlisted Soldiers will make contact with EACH?s Retention NCO prior to departure.
  7. Privileged Providers will hand carry a copy of their ITCB packet with them to their PROFIS unit. Please see the EACH Credentialing Coordinator upon receipt of orders. Soldiers must ensure their licensing and certification will not expire during the duration of their deployment.
  8. All Soldiers will make face to face contact with the Company Commander prior to departure to ensure they have contact phone numbers and to inform the command of any personal concerns.
  9. All Soldiers will ensure they make an appointment with Hospital Commander for a final out brief.