627th Hospital Center

418th "MEDLOG Warriors"


"To provide world-class medical logistics support on a daily basis to Fort Carson tenant units and prepare to deploy in support of any theater of operations. Build the team and take care of Medlog Warriors and their families so they always leave better than they came in".

Commander's intent

  • W. Withstands the test of War and pursues her own happiness. The Medlog Warrior stays in touch physical shape and cultivates a resilient, strong mind; feels a profound pride in the success of the 428th MLC and is present physically to share happiness and hardship with her teammates.
  • A. Always makes personal decisions thinking of the impact her actions will have on her team, unit, and family.
  • R. Regards the 418th MLC as your family. The Medlog Warrior treats all his fellow Soldiers with the utmost professionalism and respect; realizes the tremendous importance of establishing a working environment free of undue distractions in order to maintain productivity.
  • R. Receives and trains new Soldiers. Creates superb team players present for duty at the appointed place and time, ready to add value to their team?s efforts and meet their deadlines.
  • I. Information is always communicated timely and accurately, always keeping in mind that his thoroughness and prevision may impact directly his fellow Soldier?s missions.
  • O. Obtains recognition both publicly and formally. Always takes the time and effort to ensure individual and collective excellence is recognized.
  • R. Recognizes her family/loved one?s safety and wellbeing are your sacred responsibility and strive constantly to elevate their way of life.
  • S. Stands ready to deploy anytime. Performs all medical, administrative, and personal tasks and appointments necessary to maintain readiness without being told.

Unit History

Constituted on 1 October 1933 as Company G of the 30th Medical Regiment, and activated on 25 July 1942 at Camp Berkley, Texas. The unit was reorganized and re-designated on 8 September 1943 as the 418th Collecting Company. During World War II it participated in the Campaigns in Northern France. It was again reorganized as re-designated on 14 April 1945 as the 418th Motor Ambulance Company and served until being inactive on 28 May 1946 in France. On 14 January 1955 at Fort Riley, Kansas. The unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for its service in Vietnam in 1966-1968 until its inactivation on 30 April 1971. Finally, it was again called the service in 16 June 2002 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas as the 418th Medical Logistics Company. The unit has been participating in the support of Operations Enduring, Iraqi Freedom, and New Dawn.

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