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438th Medical Detachment "Badger"

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The 438th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Services) supports force health protection by providing comprehensive veterinary services to include food safety/defense, animal health care, veterinary preventive medicine and stability operations to combined joint military and inter-agency operations in a garrison and deployed environment.

Commander's intent

As an integral key player in the 1st Medical Brigade, 10th Combat Support Hospital, Fort Carson and FORSCOM mission priorities. To 'Protect the Force', we stay ever vigilant in availability, accessibility, and constant diligence in Veterinary Public Health, Food Safety and Security, and Veterinary Medicine. We must be flexible, adaptable, integrated and synchronized in our efforts to maintain a combat effective, healthy force. In our area of responsibility, with issues involving animals, zoonotic disease threats, food safety or security, we are the 'World Record' lead problem solving force; "Fearless Warriors, Compassionate Care."

The History of the 438th Medical Detachment

The 438th Medical Detachment is a modular-designed unit, which consists of a headquarters, food procurement team, veterinary medicine surgical team and five veterinary service support teams. The detachment?s mission is to provide area force health protection support through food safety and protection, animal care, and veterinary preventive medicine for up to 60,000 personnel and 50 military working dogs (MWDs) in a theater of operations. Each team can independently support up to 10,000 personnel and 10 MWDs and can be further divided into three mobile sub-teams as needed.

The 438th Medical Detachment was originally constituted on 4 December 1945 in the Army of the United States as the 438th Medical Prophylactic Detachment. It activated on 7 January 1946 in Korea and inactivated on 30 September 1946 in Korea.

The detachment was re-designated on 1 June 1966 as the 438th Medical Detachment, allotted to the Regular Army, and activated at Fort Sam Houston, TX.

The detachment arrived in Vietnam on 15 September 1966, and served mostly in the Qui Nhon area as an ambulance detachment. It received campaign participation credit for the following: Counteroffensive, Phase II; Counteroffensive, Phase III; Tet Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase IV; Counteroffensive, Phase V; Counteroffensive, Phase VI; Tet 69/Counteroffensive; Summer-Fall 1969; Winter-Spring 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase VII.

The 438th Medical Detachment was inactivated 15 March 1971 in Vietnam.

It was activated 26 June 1972 and organized as a field ambulance unit at Fort Belvoir, VA and again inactivated 15 September 1987.

The detachment was re-designated as the 438th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Service) on 28 October 2008 and activated on 15 October 2010 at Fort Carson, CO and deployed to Afghanistan on 21 June 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where it received its first Meritorious Unit Commendation award.

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