4th Infantry Division

4th Sustainment Brigade

The unit was constituted into the Regular Army on January 18, 1966 as the 43rd General Support Group. The unit was activated on March 26, 1966 at Fort Carson, Colorado and organized on 16 May 1966. The first battalion to join the Group was the 68th Transportation Battalion which was activated in August 1966. Three more battalions joined the Group in 1967: 195th Maintenance Battalion on 23 February; 242nd Maintenance Battalion on 25 February; and 70th Ordnance Battalion on 1 March.

On 26 July 1967, acting on a seven hour notification, HHC, 43rd and 352nd Transportation Company (Light Truck) deployed to Selfridges Air Force Base, Michigan, to provide logistical support for the elements of the XVIII Airborne Corps during riot control operations. In August and September 1967, units of the Group deployed to Alaska during severe flooding to establish a field laundry site. In 1968, the organization of the Group changed: the 336th Ordnance Battalion joined the Group on 20 May and the 242nd Maintenance Battalion, one of the Groups original members, inactivated on 25 August. In addition to Group organization changes, the 336th Ordnance Battalion deployed to Southeast Asia on 26 September 1968.

In 1970 three military police companies (19th, 148th and 984th) and the 283rd Aviation Company joined the Group in May; the 40th Supply and Service Company joined the Group in November; and the 195th Maintenance Battalion (another of the Group's original members) inactivated on 4 December. In 1971 the 283rd Aviation Company was transferred to Fort Bragg in June; the 4th Military Police Company joined the Group; and a third original member, the 70th Ordnance Battalion, was inactivated in November. In 1972 the 19th Military Police Battalion was formed as a headquarters for the Military Police companies; the 52nd Engineer Battalion joined the Group in July; and the 4th Military Intelligence Company and B Company, 75th Infantry (Ranger) joined the Group in August. The Group was re-designated as the 43rd Corps Support Group in 1973.

The 43rd served in Operation Desert Shield & Desert Storm; Operation Continue Hope; Operation Sea Signal; Operation Iraqi Freedom; and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Effective July 17, 2008, the 43rd Area Support Group was re-designated as the 43rd Sustainment Brigade. As part of the reorganization, the 43rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion and 230th Financial Management Company (FMCO) were activated and the 10th Combat Support Hospital and 4th Engineer Battalion were reassigned away from the Brigade.

The 43rd's most recent deployment was led by Col. Edward Daly into Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom XI. While deployed in Kandahar, the unit provided logistics to the United States forces operating in Regional Command-South and Regional Command-Southwest. They returned to Fort Carson in March 2011.

The 43rd Sustainment Brigade was re-designated the 4th Sustainment Brigade, 4th Infantry Division effective July 9, 2015. As part of the reorganization, 4th Sustainment Brigade integrated fully into the overall 4th Infantry Division Command at Fort Carson to continue the outstanding support for 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson Soldiers.

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