Religious Services

Native American Sweat Lodge (INIPI) information:

Many Native American Indian tribes have age old ceremonies in which the Inipi or Sweat Lodge is used for purification, cleansing, and prayer.

Keeping the tradition of this ceremony has been vitally important to the preservation of Native American culture and spirituality.

The He Ska Akicita Inipi (Colorado Warriors Sweat Lodge) has been held on post since 1995, and is here for native people, military personnel, dependents, and DOD personnel. This Sweat Lodge is a traditional Lakota ceremony sponsored by the Fort Carson Chaplain Command. All nations are welcome.

Inipi meets once or twice a month and anytime for special requests. Call for times and directions. POC: (719)285-5240 Michael or Wendy Hackwith or (405)313-8049 Kevin Cheek.