Religious Support Office

Fort Carson Command Chaplain’s Mission

Provide comprehensive Religious Support (RS) for all of Fort Carson Soldiers, Troopers, Special Operators, DA Civilians, and Families. Supporting the 4th Infantry Division Chaplain, and subordinate Unit Ministry Teams (UMTs) in both the operational environment and Installation environment to fulfill commander’s Title X responsibilities. Provide the free-exercise of religion coupled with sincere and credible pastoral care. Supporting all Fort Carson UMTs in the planning and execution of the U.S. Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Spiritual Pillar, and the U.S. Army’s Spiritual Resiliency Programs now and in the future of a transitioning and changing Army.

Fort Carson Command Chaplain’s Vision

Pursue excellence in Religious Support (RS) by serving as the Fort Carson, Colorado Command Chaplain by developing a cohesive Unit Ministry Team (UMT) composed of trained, motivated, professional volunteers who provide spiritual leadership, credible ministry with integrity, and pastoral care, who remain tactically and technically prepared to provide comprehensive Religious Support (RS), and who retain a commitment to continually hone their gifts, talents, temperament, and skills to these ends.


  • Main Office: 526-5279 Administrative Assistant
  • Command Chaplain: 526-5279
  • Deputy Command Chaplain: 526-6264
  • Chaplain Resource Manager: 526-3888
  • Family Life Chaplain: 526-0261
  • RSO NCOIC: 526-5191
  • Funds Clerk: 526-6265
  • Director of Religious Education: Catholic: 524-2458, Protestant: 526-5744