Weddings at Fort Carson

Chaplains at Fort Carson are committed to serving you in providing the context for faith based weddings.

Soldiers who desire to be married in a chapel on post should contact their unit chaplain in order to meet the requirement for premarital counseling. Also check your denomination requirements for premarital counseling requirements.

For chapel use there is a facility request that needs to be filled out. The chapel’s NCOIC has this form. This should be done after meeting with your chaplain. The chaplain and his religious affairs specialist will be your sponsors for arrangements at the chapel in which you will be married.

If an outside pastor/priest is desired, a sponsoring chaplain is required also.

If sabers are desired, contact the NCOIC at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel for the request form.

Most couples will benefit from a rehearsal the day prior to the wedding. With these steps, good communication, and God's grace and blessing, Soldiers can look forward to a positive beginning for their marriage. It is an exciting and special time for you and the chaplain. Start early and plan for your special day!

Catholic Marriage Requiremements and process:

  1. Contact the Parish Office at 526-5769.
  2. Contact must be made 6 months in advance.
  3. Marriage Preparation (pre-Cana) is required

Protestant Marriage Requirements and process:

  1. Contact your unit Chaplain.
  2. If applicable, check your denomination for their requirements
  3. Contact must be made 6 months in advance
  4. Marriage preparation is required