Directorate of Public Works

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Public works programs and activities maintain the installation's infrastructure and environment. The DPW includes infrastructure maintenance and improvement, to include installation property, buildings and facilities; Net Zero energy, water and waste programs; oversight of environmental assets to ensure compliance with environmental policies, programs and legislation; management of installation housing programs and facilities; and planning for new construction and improvement to facilities and grounds.

The directorate's six divisions are responsible for an umbrella of services available to Installation customers

  • Business Operations & Integration: Annual work planning, work reception and scheduling, General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Installation Status Report (ISR) & processing work orders
  • Engineering: Military Construction, Minor Construction, Engineering Design, Traffic Engineering & Contract Quality Assurance
  • Environmental: Environmental training programs, pollution prevention, pest control oversight, conservation, compliance programs, environmental restoration & natural and cultural resources programs
  • Housing: Family housing/residential communities initiative (RCI), housing referral, unaccompanied personnel housing & First Sergeant Barracks Program
  • Master Planning: Installation master planning, real property management, space and furnishings management, Installation design guide & real estate services and leases
  • Operations & Maintenance: Building maintenance, facility repairs, snow and sand removal, refuse removal and recycling operations, facility manager operations, utility program, pest control, improved/unimproved grounds maintenance & Net Zero energy, water and waste efforts

Alphabetical Listing Of Programs and Services

To place a service order for maintenance or repair, call 526-5345