Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA)"

How to Make a FOIA Request

If you want to make a FOIA request for Army Inspector General records, send a written request by mail, e-mail, or fax to the office where the records are located or to the address below. That office will forward the records and your request to us for processing. Describe the records you want as specifically as possible to better enable us to locate them. Include a street address, an e-mail address, and a daytime phone number so we can contact you if necessary.

Where to Send a FOIA Request

Submit your request in writing to the IG office where you believe the records are located, or to:
(Print this form: FOIA request form

1700 Army Pentagon
Room 1E132
Washington, DC 20310-1700
Telephone: (703) 545-4591
DSN: 685-4591
Fax COM: (703) 545-4585
Fax DSN: 685-4585

How to Appeal the results of a FOIA Request

You may file a FOIA appeal in writing by mail, e-mail, or fax for any of the following reasons:

DAIG Public Liaison Office

For questions regarding a DAIG release of records, please contact:

Office of the Inspector General
ATTN: SAIG-ZXR, 1700 Army Pentagon
Washington, DC 20310-1700
Phone: (703) 545-4591

Freedom of Information Act Websites:

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