College Representatives Army Continuing Education System

College Representatives

Soldier/Student seeing a College representative
Full Time College Representatives
Colorado State University-Pueblo 719-526-2509
M 0800-1300
T 0800-1700
W 1400-1700
Th 0800-1300
F 0800-1700
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 719-526-3387
M-Th 0800-1600
Fri 0800-1200
Pikes Peak Community College 719-502-4200
Fax: 719-502-4201
M-Th 0800-1700
F 0900-1700
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 719-526-8066
M-Th 0830-1530
Fri 1100-1530
Part-Time College Representatives
Colorado Christian University 719-867-5811
W 0900-1200
Colorado Technical University 719-590-6716 Th 0900-1200
DeVry University 719-963-9760 M 0900-1630
National American University 719-590-8311
T 0830-1630
Regis University 719-439-3499 1st & 3rd M 1130-1630
University of Phoenix 719-306-5512
2nd & 4th M 0730-1630
T 0730-1630
Webster University 719-590-7340
M 0930-1700
Other accredited colleges in the Colorado Springs area:
Other accredited colleges in the United States: Department of Education´s College Navigator

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Colorado In-State Tuition

Active duty military, who have made a PCS move to the State of Colorado, and their Family members are eligible for resident tuition rates at any state supported institution of higher education.

Active duty military members should see an Army Education Counselor for certification.

One of the represented school at the Education Center

Information for Family Members

  • Eligibility for military tuition rates is based upon Colorado State Law
  • You are eligible to receive military certification only if your sponsor is in Colorado on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move
  • Your sponsor must be on active duty and signed into his/her unit not later than the first day of the term for which you need certification
  • You must present a valid military Family member ID Card each time you request certification
  • Each school determines the "window" in which certification may be performed
  • Every state school requires certification for each term in which you enroll
  • To become a Colorado resident, contact the admissions officer of your school for detailed requirements
One of the represented school at the Education Center

Family members can be certified at The Mountain Post Training and Education Center, building 1117, room 150