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ADAPT / UPL Schedule DA Form 8003 - ASAP Enrollment (PDF) (XFDL) AR 600-85 - Army Substance Abuse Program (PDF)
Commander´s Top 10 Guide (PDF) Sample Unit SOP 2015 (docx) Commanders/UPL Handbook (PDF)
C4_Information_Paper (PDF) Prohibited Steroid List (PDF) UPL Packet 2018 (DOCX)
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Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) Certification – A 40 hour course designated to certify newly appointed UPLs.

UPL Packets must be complete and submitted to Prevention (rooms 220, and 223) NLT two weeks prior to the class starting date. Walk-ins on the first day of the course will not be accepted, even with a completed packet. UPL packets that are incomplete will be returned to the unit and the UPL nominee will not be scheduled for the class until a complete packet is turned in.

UPL Re-Certification – UPL certifications are good for 18 months and UPLs must re-certify within 60 days or will be required to retake the full certification course. UPLs may call or at any time to schedule their recertification exam. The UPL must bring a new set of appointment orders, a newly completed PMO background check and their current UPL card. Any UPL who is a new arrival to Fort Carson must recertify here before conducting any testing. That UPL must bring an entire packet (orders, background check, privacy act statement, competency statement and a unit SOP) as well as proof of certification from the previous post (the certificate and UPL card).

UPLs returning from deployment, whose certification expired during deployment and the expiration date exceeds 60 days will be required to repeat the 40 hours certification course. Otherwise, they may recertify as indicated above.

UPL Deployment Shipping – Designated to provide UPLs information on deployment testing procedures to include document preparation, packing, shipping, and the results notification process. All UPLs deploying to areas where drug testing is mandated must attend this training prior to deployment. Training is also suggested for UPLs participating in extended field training exercises where unit may wish to conduct drug testing.

If you have any question(s) about any of the above listed training please call the Prevention Coordinator at any of the phone numbers listed above.