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Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program

US Army Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program

The Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)

SFL TAP’s interactive, multimedia computer based training system, , provides you with transition information and job assistance training to start you on your way to a satisfying and successful future. uses full-screen, full-motion video, graphics, audio and customized applications. It's easy and fun to use. SFL TAP counselors help transitioning soldiers complete resumes, job applications and Federal job application materials, as well as assisting with job searches.

SFL TAP is a congressionally mandated program that was established in 1991. According to the National Defense Authorization Act, Public Law 102-510 (1995), as amended by Public Law 107-103 (2001), all transitioning soldiers with 180 days active duty must attend a pre-separation briefing at least 90 days prior to separation. Contact your SFL TAP Center to schedule an introduction to 's features and benefits.

Pre-Separation Briefing and Initial Counseling

The Pre-Separation Briefing supports many benefits that the Army offers to transitioning soldiers including relocation assistance, employment assistance, financial management assistance, health and life insurance, and reserve affiliation.

A career counselor assists transitioning soldiers in initiating the mandatory eForm. The eForm can also be used by the soldier as confirmation for utilizing SFL TAP services at any SFL TAP installation close to the transitioning soldier's relocation address.

At the briefing you work with an SFL TAP counselor and have an opportunity to setup an individual career counseling session. You will also receive a referral sheet. The Service Provider Referral Information Sheet provides you with points of contact and phone numbers of valuable resources on post and the Colorado Springs area.

The completed electronically signed eForm is a mandatory document which is required to clear SFL – TAP and at the soldier’s final out-processing appointment.

The soldier can obtain this document by attending the ITP Review class.

Interactive Job Assistance Training Application

  • Helps you design and manage your transition plan.
  • Lets you set objectives and assess your skills.
  • Includes many electronic job search tools, including access to the Internet.
  • Helps you write effective resumes and cover letters.
  • Explains how to network for job opportunities.
  • Provides interview strategies.
  • Prepares you to negotiate salary and benefits.
  • Trains you to manage a career and prepare for advancement.


  • Provides an excellent foundation for a winning career in the civilian world.
  • Saves you time and guides your success.
  • Reduces stress associated with transitioning and the job search process.
  • Promotes and increases self-confidence.
  • Helps you retain transition information and job assistance training better and longer.


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About Our Career Counselors

We are staffed with highly qualified career counselors and two certified financial counselors. All possess a minimum of a Master's Degree and one possesses a Ph.D. Their job is to assist soldiers and other eligible personnel transitioning from military to civilian life. Our counselors have numerous years of combined experience in assisting soldiers to successfully transition from military to civilian life.