Logistics Readiness Center

Installation Transportation Division

The ITD is located in building 420, phone 526-1143.

The Installation Transportation Division is responsible for all transportation functions relating to deployments or redeployments, passenger movements, group moves, (groups of 10 or more moving under government orders) and operates the installation rail service and installation shuttle service. The Division has a Movements Branch and Transportation Motor Pool, Transportation Department and Commercial Travel Office.

Movements Branch

The Logistics Movements Branch is located at building 407. Our phone number is 526-1159.

The Movements Branch is the focal point for unit deployments or freight transport and containers.The Rail Operations Section operates and maintains railhead, locomotive, yard-master services and provides switching services in Building 268, 524-3743, 526-1157, 1158, 1400. Container Control Officers 526-6291, and other supporting section personnel maintain accountability for containers located in the Installation Container Yards including, Transportation Support MCC 526-3778, RTCH Support 526-8252, Container Repair 526-3548. It is also responsible for individual or group moves. Unit Movement Coordinator has primary responsibility for the preparation, maintenance and execution of movement/mobilization/load plans for all units at Fort Carson, the AR 5-9 area (approx. 256 units) and all Reserve components that deploy from Fort Carson. The branch advises and assists unit Commanders in preparing unit movement mobilization and deployment plans and developing and reporting Unit Movement Data.

The Unit/Troop Movement Section assists units in the preparation, maintenance and execution of movement plans, unit movement data and related documentation. This section also assists unit movement officers in obtaining COMPASS/OEL/UDL movement planning aids and other required necessary technical references and serves as the Installation POC with FORSCOM office concerning unit movement data reporting by supported units. The section also reviews OEL/UDL reports received from units for completeness, accuracy, arranges and coordinates with highway authorities for all convoys and oversize, overweight, special hauling permits for movement of military vehicles. The section is responsible for the accountability, reporting, utilization and inventory/inspection of all QUADCONS/MILVANS and 463L pallets.

Passenger Movement Branch

The Passenger Movement Branch is located at building 1012. Our phone number is 526-1141.

This branch arranges, coordinates & documents the transportation and travel for individuals, family members, small groups (not over 10 people) & personal baggage. The branch coordinates with group OIC/NCOIC providing technical assistance & guidance in the area of passenger movements & travel.

Group Movement Branch

The Group Movement Branch is located at building 1012. Our phone number is 526-1173.

The Group Movement Branch arranges & coordinates passenger movement of groups of 10 or more personnel. Utilizing commercial airlines, charter aircraft & charter motor coach services.

A/DACG Branch

The A/DACG Branch is located at 7330 Embraer-Heights, Colorado Springs. Our phone number is 526-1162.

Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group (A/DACG) Section is responsible for Joint Inspection (JI) of all air cargo. Ground handling of passenger chartered aircraft for units arriving at, or departing from Fort Carson.

Transportation Motor Pool

The Transportation Motor Pool is located at building 749. Our phone number is 526-5579.

Transportation Motor Pool is responsible for permanent assignment of Non-Tactical Vehicle (GSA) assigned to Fort Carson. Transports personnel and baggage during deployment/redeployment flight operations.

Transportation Department

The Transportation Department is in building 330, phone 526-8722.

The Transportation Department operations include terminal operations, movement of freight and equipment by military and commercial carriers into, out of, and within Fort Carson's AR 5-9 and Power Projection Platform (PPP) areas of responsibility. The Transportation Department performs a wide variety of transportation operations involving several sections including Blocking, Bracing, Packing, Crating and Tie Down (BBPC&T) located at building 520, phone 526-3455, Inbound and Outbound Freight located at building 330, rooms, 205 and 207, phone 526-1158/526-2663/524-0705/526-6958. Small Packaging is located in building 330, phone 526-4211, Hub and Spoke located at building 330, phone 526-1400, and the Central Receiving Point building 330, phone 526-1654.