Logistics Readiness Center

Supply & Services Division (SSD)

The Supply and Services Division is located in building 8000, room 244, phone 526-9086.

The Supply and Services Division is responsible for the accountability of CIF stocks, PSO stocks, SSMO stocks and all classes of supply in Storage Operations (Class II&IV, Package III, VII and IX). The Supply and Services Division manages the accountability portion of Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A), weapons, POL, repairable exchange, cannibalization point, local purchasing, and all other stock control functions, including accountability of end items transferred to CP and DLA-DS (formally DRMO) withdrawals. Supply and Services Division serves as the Installation Accountable Officer and the Installation Property Book Officer.

Supply Division Phone #s (719):

Position Bldg Room Phone #
Chief, Supply Div 8000 244 526-9086
Cebtral Issue Facility 1525   526-3321
CIF Manager 1525   526-6477
CIF Appointments 1525   524-0917/0913
CIF Property Manager 1525   524-1888
Food Ser. Manager 8000 255 524-1133
Installation Food Ser. Br. 8000 255 526-2558/5897
SSMO 350   526-9198/5195
Chief Supply Br. 8000 244 524-1346
SSA Acct. Officer 330   526-9094
SSA 330   526-6266
Insp. & Classification 330   526-4573
Vehicle Storage/Can Point Facility 8012   526-8252
Fuel Management Office (VIL Keys) 8000 244 526-4640
Fuel COR 330   526-9094
Gov. IPBO Officer 330   526-5984
PBO Office 330 210 526-9066
PBO (980K Project) 8000 1st floor, dr. 36 526-5481
HMCC Admin 9246   526-5349
HMCC Warehouse 9248   526-2979
ASP Property Officer 9370   526-8621
ASP 9370   526-4381/8620
Ammo Holding Area (AHA) 9740   526-2231
Ammo Holding Point (AHA) 9740   524-2044
QASAS 9418   526-1795
QASAS 9418   524-2948
Post Laundry Facility 1525 South East 526-8803/8804/8806

Post Laundry Facility bldg. 1525. 719-526-8804/8806/8803

The Supply Management Branch includes:

Supply Support Activity (SSA)

The SSA is located in building 330, phone 526-6266. Installation Accountable Officer manages RIC BXN and WTU, building 330 at phone 526-9094.

The SSA is responsible for all administrative transactions pertaining to the receipt, inventory, maintenance, issue, and disposition of materiel and is responsible for overall authority, and procurement authorizations, overall stock status and initiates actions to maintain stock balances assuring financial data, inventory management, statistical supply data, and narrative analysis present a clear, concise picture of overall position of material categories reported to higher Command echelons. The SSA operates Class II, III, IV, V and IX sources of supply in support of the LRC distribution, storage and maintenance missions. The Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A) is the primary automated system used to conduct operations.

Ammunition Supply (ASP)

The Logistics Ammunition Supply Office is located in building 9370, phone Number is 719-526-8621. The Ammunition Supply (ASP) Branch stores & issues all class V. support unit training, pre-mobilization training & mobilization training.

  • Ammunition Supply Point, building 9370, phone number 526-4381/8620
  • Ammunition Holding Area, building 9740, phone number 526-2231
  • Ammunition Inspection Point, building 9740, phone number 524-2022
  • Ammunition Residue Yard building 9733, phone number 524-0333

The Quality Assurance Specialist/Ammunition Surveillance (QASAS)

The QASAS are located in building 9418, phone 524-2948, or 526-1795.

The Mission of QASAS is to provide SAFE munitions and operations support to the Units that train on Fort Carson and assure complete, correct and efficient malfunction and incident investigations of all ammunition items utilized at the major training areas.

Inspection and Classification Section

The Inspection and Classification section is in building 330, phone is 536-4573.

The Inspection and Classification mission is receiving, documenting, verifying, identifying, cross-referencing, classifying, sorting, temporarily storing and making disposition of all retrograde and found-on-installation (FOI) material. In addition to processing supply classes II, III IV, VII and IX, this section has capability and capacity to maintain, temporarily store and process hazardous material, waste, sensitive property, and low-level radioactive material. Maintenance includes determination and application of proper packaging, safeguarding, protection and preservation of Government property for turn-in.

Vehicle Storage Facility

The Vehicle Storage Facility is in building 8012, phone 526-8252, hours of operations are daily 0730-1130, 1230-1530, lunch from 1200-1230.

The Vehicle Storage Facility is an area the Supply Division uses for the transition of equipment coming onto or leaving the Installation. RTCH Support to the Installation is requested and must be approved by the COR of the contract, 526-5425.

This area also houses the Cannibalization Point (CANN Point). Due to the demand at DEPOTs there are no current models of Army Vehicles up at the CANN Point.

Installation Food Services (IFS)

Installation Food Service is located in bldg 8000, rm 255. Phone numbers are 524-1133, 526-2558, 526-5897.

The IFS provides oversight and evaluation of the dining facilities service on the Installation, including management of the Phillip A.Connelly Award program and train senior food service personnel and provide field training assistance. IFS administers the F Account budget, KP Contracts, Meal card management and Cash Books, and conduct menu board meetings and budgets for new or replacement dining facility equipment.

Subsistence Supply Management Office (SSMO)

The SSMO is in building 350, phone 526-9198 or 526-5195, hours of operations are established for issues Daily 0700-1100, 1230-1500 (Mon, Wed, Fri), lunch 1200-1230.

The mission of the SSMO is and administrative and field ration operation of the Army Field Feeding System (AFFS). Support is provided to active Army Garrison dining facilities, RC units during weekend and annual Training, Pinion Canyon Class I Section and downrange training using the Army Food Management Information System.

Fuel Management Office

The Fuel Management Office is located in CIF building 8000, rm 244. Our Phone Number is 526-4640.

The Fuel Management Office oversees Contractor owned and operated Bulk facility, Rapid Refuel, and Retail fuel facilities. Fuel forecasts for training downrange or at PCMS is coordinated with the Fuel Manager. Forecasts need to be in 30 days prior to your training event.

Retail facility is located at 5409 Specker Street, building 640, on the southeast corner of Specker and Barger, 24/7 hours of operation.

Bulk facility is located at 9650 Butts Road, building 9650, on the west side of the road across from the BAAF. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday.

Fuel orders for AGT are coordinated through Contract Fuel Manager at 526-9095, located in building 330.

Rapid Refuel facility is located across the street from the bulk facility on Butts Road. This facility is contractor owned/maintained, and operated by military personnel on an "as required" schedule. The Fuel Management office is the approving office for VIL key issue for fuel dispensing at the bulk and retail facilities. The Rapid Refuel facility requires and uses AIR cards for fuel dispensing.

Installation Property Book (IPBO)

The PBO Office is located in building 330, room 210. Our Phone Number is 526-9066. For questions/ concerns please contact your hand receipt managers of your unit/activity. Government IPB Officer can be reached at 526-5984, also located in building 330 but on the main floor. The 980K Property Officer is located at building 8000, 1st flr, dr 36 at 526-5481.

The Installation Property Book (IPBO) Office developed the Property Accountability to provide installation support information & procedural guidance for Garrison, mobilization & deployment of Active & Reserve Component units. It is primarily intended for individuals designated as primary hand receipt holders of the Installation Property Book, but contains information of importance to managers & supervisors at all levels.

The IPBO scope includes property for the furnishings Management Office (FMO), Reserve Component Support (RCS), 4th Region Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), and AR 5-9 area of support. IPBO operations include expendable, non-expendable, and durable property on hand and processing all transactions that affect property book records using the Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-A) is the primary automated system used to conduct operations.

The Hazardous Material Control Center (HMCC)

The HMCC Administration is located at building 9246 and phone number 526-5349, HMCC Warehouse is building 9248 and phone number 526-2979.

Fort Carson Environmental Protection and Enhancement policy mandates that all requests for Class III hazardous materials (HM) are submitted to/through the LRC HMCC Supply Support Activity (SSA). The HMCC provides a single point of control for the requisition, shipment, receipt, temporary storage, issue, mandatory environmental tracking, and reporting of hazardous materials requested and used on Fort Carson. Coordinate 30 days prior with HMCC for your pull package.

Central Issue Facility (CIF)

CIF is located in building 1525, phone 526-3321. Front desk appointments 524-0917, 0913. Government Property Book Officer (PBO) located in building 1525 at 524-1888.

The CIF requisitions, distributes, inventories, receives, stores, recovery and disposal of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) for fort Carson and the AR 5-9 area of responsibility. CIF major operations include administration, property book management, and storage. Technical documentation associated with CIF processes can be reviewed at the LRC Technical Library. Appointments are required for turn-ins and can be made 90 days prior to PCS/ETS date or sooner if approved by Company Commander.

Bulk issue and/or turn-ins will be coordinated with the CIF Manager at 719-526-6477.

Deployment plates should be coordinated with the PBO or CIF Manager at least 90 days prior to departure date. Quantities and size is needed prior to contacting CIF.

E-Orders needed for deployment should be submitted at least 90 days prior to departure date. All soldiers in needed of an E-Order will need to provide a copy of deployment order.

Laundry Office

The Post Laundry Facility is located in building 1525 (south east side). Our Phone Number is 526-8804/8806/8803.

Post Laundry is open: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm (closed for lunch noon-12:30pm) Turn-in: until 3:30pm | Pick-up: until 3:45 Transactions must be completed by 4pm. Turnaround time: 72 hrs. from time item is turned-in.

We accept the following items (acceptance is at the discretion of clerk):

  • Laundry bag
  • Blankets
  • Ruck sack (remove straps)
  • Ammo pouches
  • Duffel bag
  • Trouser suspender
  • Liners
  • Gortex helmet cover
  • Vest (only BA, Chicken)
  • Food handlers coat/trousers
  • Canteen cover
  • Shelter half
  • LBE suspender
  • Bivey cover
  • Gaiterneck
  • Coveralls
  • Waist straps
  • Parka trousers
  • Chemical top/bottom
  • Cook aprons
  • Sleeping bags
  • First aid pouch
  • Bearsuit
  • Pistol belt
  • Field/Knit cap
  • Left/Right straps
  • Field jacket (DST only)
  • Stuff sack
  • DCU/ABDU/ACU Shirt and Trousers
  • Most Molle pouches

We accept the following dry cleaning items:

  • CVC jacket
  • Hoods/caps/scarf
  • Mittens/liners/sweaters
  • ACU shirts/trousers (only 4 sets, one time only for turn-in to CIF)

Barrack's linens are turned in to any authorized unit supply.

We do not accept the following items:

  • All personal uniforms (BDU/ACU)
  • Body armor
  • Kevlar
  • NBC bags
  • Tack vest
  • Interpretor
  • Wet weather gear
  • Mosquito nets
  • Small straps
  • Equipment bags
  • Unit property
  • Rubber/metal/plastic

Soldiers may turn-in only their own TA-50. This service is free.