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Housing Information

Single Soldier Housing Office: 719-526-9709

The Single Soldier Housing Office (SSHO) is located in building 1454 on Nelson Boulevard. The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Housing Division manages the SSHO. Unit leaders continue to lead Soldiers who live in the barracks. Unit leaders continue to be responsible for good order and discipline. The SSHO augments unit leaders by managing the barracks. Single Soldiers and unit leaders should contact the SSHO with questions associated with the barracks and call the SSHO to submit service requests for room repairs.


Contact Information

HQ, 2nd IBCT Staff Duty 719-503-4009
1-12 Infantry Regiment 719-503-4109
2-12 Infantry Regiment 719-503-4209
1-41 Infantry Regiment 719-503-4709
3- 61 Cavalry Regiment 719-503-4309
2-77 Field Artillery Regiment 719-503-4409
52nd Brigade Engineer Battalion 719-526-9677
704th Brigade Support Battalion 719-503-4609
Fort Carson reception 719-503-6961